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About Us

Wolf Creek / Pine Run Grist Mill is an 1830's water-powered, timber-framed gristmill located within Mohican State Park. 


The Mill was saved from demolition in the late 1990's by a group of dedicated citizens, the Friends of Wolf Creek / Pine Run Grist Mill, who have gradually restored it to it's current operational state over the past 20+ years.   These dedicated volunteers formed a 501c3 non-profit, and have contributed their time, money, and expertise to make the restoration project a success, and open the Mill for the public to enjoy as a museum.  The restoration and maintenance work is ongoing, and the Friends group continues to raise money to keep the project going via our two annual fundraising events, Winefest & Oktoberfest.  If you're interested in getting involved as a volunteer or donor, click on "Get Involved" above.

From Our Founder:


     "Around 1998, my family and I were camping at Mohican State Park when we discovered the Wolf Creek Grist Mill there. It had been neglected for many years, no windows or doors, leaking roof, unsafe floors & a walk bridge that could barely support itself. Upon inquiring as to what was going to be done with the historic mill, I was informed that the Parks did not have the funding to make any repairs and it was slated for demolition. Being a historic restoration contractor my whole life, I felt there had to be a way to save this wonderful building. That’s when the idea was born to form a non-profit, Friends of the Mill group.

     In the beginning, there was some skepticism as whether such a huge undertaking could be successful, but that skepticism has long since disappeared. Together with community leaders, the all-volunteer friends group was formed in 2000. 

     Since then, the Wolf Creek Grist Mill has been restored to operating condition & the Fromme Cabin that was moved to the property several years ago is completed and is our new welcome center. An 1880 saw mill and 7 other historic log cabins have been donated & moved to the site for restoration. Our overall plan is the completion of an historic village on the property, in order to preserve a vanishing part of our heritage for future generations to enjoy & learn from.

     I am very proud to be able to work with such an amazing group of dedicated people!"


    - Mark J. Smith, Founder & President, Norwalk, Ohio



MISSION: To Restore and Open an 1830's grist Mill to the public as a working museum in order to preserve a vanishing part of our heritage for future generations to enjoy and learn from.


• Formed Private 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation
• Updated/ Installed Site Infrastructure
• Constructed New Pedestrian Access Bridge
• Completed Major Interior and Exterior Restoration of Wolf Mill
• Dismantled, Moved, Re-Built and Restored Fromme Cabin
• Developed Long-Term Site Plan for Historic Mill Village
• Developed Hiking Trails and Special Use Areas


• Continued Maintenance and Restoration of Wolf Mill
• Re-Building and Restoring Schenck Cabin
• Continued Improvement of Village Grounds


• Re-Build Historic 1800s Sawmill
• Build Historic Blacksmith Shop and Barn
• Restore Mill Equipment to Operational Condition
• Continue Improving & Expanding Historic Village

Check out our Friends of the Park page on ODNR's website:

Check out the Mill's page on ODNR's website:

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